Akcelep established and monitored quality management system; BRC ver.8 is developed according to IFS, BRCGS, SEDEX requirements and applies to all processes from material procurement and shipment to production facilities and warehouses.

The general policy of the company is pure and healthy food production.

Preservatives and colorants are strictly not used in our products except for the products that are required to be compulsory technology as a food additive in canned products.


We adopt quality as our philosophy of life and ensure its sustainability.

We support the continuous development of our suppliers by cooperating with them.

As a company, we have an environmentally friendly policy and we do not refrain from any cooperation.

We support teamwork by providing a peaceful and safe working environment.

By producing safe foods in accordance with legal requirements, we prioritize the satisfaction of our customers and meet their needs and expectations in a timely manner.

We work in accordance with legal regulations to ensure the continuity of the production of safe foods for human health.

We provide continuous improvement and follow innovations.

Our R & D activities continue throughout the year in order to follow the new products in the world market and to follow the changing consumption understanding and new packaging trends closely.

Our R & D organization is carried out in full coordination with the participation of our team members from each unit, with the support of the university and the data from the markets to which we export.

R & D