Our factory is built on an area of 30 thousand square meters as a closed area of 10,000 square meters.

Established with the most modern technology, our factory produces over 200 products consisting of canned foods, roasted products and various sauces at international standards and quality.

Benefiting from Turkey's rich agricultural land at different times of the raw materials we use in our production and contract farming in different regions we supply with imported from the way the vast majority of our country and our other needs abroad.

Our production system depends on contracted agriculture in the main item products we produce.
The production plan of our factory during the production year is being prepared one year in advance. Certified hybrid seeds seedling growing stage and sowing areas for our company is the most important process before starting the production stage.

Seedlings grown in our modern greenhouses under suitable conditions for this purpose after the maturity has come to be planted, seasonal conditions are appropriate to the planting by contracted farmers

In order to ensure that all of our harvested raw materials are pure natural, all stages are carried out under our own control. We are working with domestic and international laboratories on this subject and we carry out the follow-up of our productions only by using the products that comply with this criterion and our traceability application.


With these principles, we will continue to support our valuable farmers, which we consider as part of our productions, and to produce for you with the same perseverance.