Our History

Mustafa Celep
1918 - 1984

Celep family has started its activities in trade life with its cotton cotton processing plant established in 1952 under the leadership of our esteemed elder Mustafa Celep.

Although we have realized the innovations brought by the era in the commercial and industrial activities that we have shown in the remaining 65 years, we are honored to serve the development of our employees, our state and our country by adhering to our founding principles.

Founded in 2000 by Ali Celep with the contribution of this determination and accumulation, Akcelep will continue to make a difference in the sector with its direct access to the last consumer and its value-added production and export mentality with the employment and investment dynamism it creates today.

Other companies with which our partners are shareholders;

• 2009 YDA Agriculture Food Inc.
• 2006 Ersin Celep Domestic and Foreign Trade Ltd. Sti.

Let us see our competitors as esteemed stakeholders who add value to our sectors, and we always focus on our own business, developing ourselves and differentiation.
Ali Celep